H&M Press Day

If there is one thing that the high-street obsessed British public can agree on, from office workers trying to liven up the 9-5 to students for whom that period constitutes a good night of sleep, it’s how much we all love H&M. Dangerously affordable, always on the money when it comes to fast fashion and possessing one of the most varied shop floors in the entire industry, it was this blogger’s point of focus for press showings last week, where the main line for Autumn/Winter 2011 debuted. H&M love a decade based collection (remember the short, sparkly, shoulder-focused trend that screamed “80s” two years ago), so it will be no surprise to the clued-up that they have wholly, and almost solely, embraced the 70s this year, reflecting on the trends pushing down from the runway and doing for winter what the maxi dress and wide chiffon palazzo are doing for summer.

While this collection contains lots of accessible colours and textures to get struck into,

It also contains a wider selection of looks for the keener trendsetter– mustard and orange feature heavily, and boot cut trousers are the most noticeable shape but thankfully paired with a neutral palette of brown and cream, taking influence more from a sophisticated Jerry Hall than a shiny suited John Travolta.

Pretty like an autumn leaved tree.


Modern styles feature in retro colours

However it was the accessories that will take a particularly experimental person to pull off. Hats! And lots of them. Like this chocolate mohair number;

a onblur=”try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}” href=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-T4AzeWbJomo/TdZzrkVVlII/AAAAAAAAACw/E3wzQveEhmk/s1600/Photo%2Bhat.JPG”>

Incredibly practical for cold days, wear with a cosy coat and a simply cut blouse in a delicate so as not to look too cluttered. Or the turban, which brought me a huge amount of glee, knowing now that H&M are more than living up to their reputation not only as one of the most all-inclusive fashion brands in the UK, but also forever one of the most fun.

Even the decor reeked of 70s glamour.

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